Wednesday, January 11, 2006

What if these are the best ideas the Libs Got . . .

Reposted from December 28th
Hard to belive, but these HAVE been the best ideas the Libs have

I know its juvenile what we're seeing...

Liberal insiders calling attractive socialist candidates pooches and pols that wear cowboy hats gay (even if its an in thing what with the new hit movie Bend Over Mountain), and NDP leaders a-holes (not for the first time). And the let them eat cake, er, I mean let them eat popcorn comment was done over 200 years ago (but there were hereditary rulers back then - the Libs wish).

But what if these ideas are the best ones the liberal got?
What if their best minds got together and this is what they've come up with?
We haven't seen much else from a policy perspective so far. Day care (that I think Mulroney talked about first 20 years ago)? That's it.

Chatted with a long time Lib advisor in Ottawa on Monday. Even he's thinking about voting Tory. And he's a Red Liberal.

If the trend continues, we're looking at a landslide.

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