Friday, January 13, 2006

Newman, Derek Lee and John Baird Debate on Property Rights

Huge example during the show tonight.
A year ago the Provincial Liberals legislated a green belt around Toronto to limit urban sprawl. Prior to this those land owners were looking forward to a very comfortable retirement based on the anticipated value of the sale of their land for residential home building.
Back then I was consulting with a client who was looking at his land increasing in value from $10k an acre to over $500k, and he was keen on selling his land (that have been owned for generations.
The right of eminant domain, which exists without property rights, was invoked by the province and the individuals affected lost millions of dollars (except that owned by Liberal friends but that's another story).
Canadian's don't appreciate that we own nothing. Not the rights to the shirts off our backs, if the government decide to take them.

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