Monday, January 16, 2006

My Email to Think Twice Canada

If I were a part of your organization (which I am not) I would be ashamed.
Canada is still a democracy and your considerations, individually or collectively, are no more or less important or informed than anyone elses.
Being an actor does not provide you special insight into right or wrong. It likely does qualify you to be a politician. Being a trade unionist hardly suggests non-partisanship. As far as your inclusiveness, of 25 members identifiable by gender, all but 2 arefemale, which is fine, but makes your organization less gender equal than the Canadian Conservative Party.
Believe it or not, Canadians in vast numbers disagree with you despite the best intended results of you and of the NDP and Liberal Parties and the millions of dollars of public money they have spent in opposing the CPC.
Stop thinking that you're smarter than the masses, appreciate that people are allowed to disagree with you and be prepared to accept the possibility that Canadian Conservatives are every bit as well intended, every bit as honest, just as hard working and just as honest and forthright as you are.

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