Sunday, January 08, 2006

Message to Be Delivered at Doorsteps

Many of the people I've talked to in the last week are in search of positive change, yet hang on to messages tied to political parties not called the CPC, not led by Stephen Harper, or not related to the policies of the CPC today.
I've heard Mulroney stories frequently, and devil you know stories, and memories of bozo eruptions and the like from the last campaign. An election scheduled early by the Libs so that the CPC would not be fully ready for a campaign.
One of the meesages I deliver is that our party offers the promise of dozens of new people to the House of Commons, not associated with the brothel that the Liberals have created and the negative atmosphere that has permeated the House.
In Toronto we have a slate of young, new entrants to the political scene, who, if elected will bring new vitality to debate in the House and to the policies of the CPC.

Urban ridings - especially Toronto - need solid and vigorous CPC representatives, whether in Government or in opposition. And we can offer them this. Not only for immediate change, but for growth of the party into one that represents, through their elected members, all perspectives on all issues that affect Canadians.

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