Saturday, January 14, 2006

Globe Endorses Tories ----- Which Torlib Paper Will Move First?

Originally Posted on Jan 10

After last night's Howard Dean like performance by Paul Martin, and given the dramatic shift in poll responder support in the past week, bandwagon hopping might be one athletic event we can expect in the next 2 weeks.
I've been musing since Boxing Day that if the media moves to the Tories, we could see a landslide.
Certainly, with some exceptions, Stephen Harper and his party are being more fairly received by the MSM than last time. And in looking at the Star and the Globe today, a willingness to accept a Conservative government, preferrably in a minority, seems not to be an undesirable outcome.
I think that one of the 2 big Toronto dailies in the next week will be positing if not publishing an editorial with the headline "Time for Liberals to Take a Rest and Rebuild".
Any thoughts from Blogdom?

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