Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hoping for a Carolyn Bennett Retirement

Back a dozen years ago at a meeting of the Hepatitis C Society (started to look for justice for people infected by the Blood System) Carolyn Bennett, as A FOUNDER of the SOCIETY spoke at the Annual General Meeting and as a new MP.
She suggested that the Society should stop opposing the government and cooperate, that it will be more valuable to work inside the system than as outsiders. The impression was that she would be able to generate better results inside Parliament than activists could by marching on the front lawn.
Of course, her statements were platitudinous, perhaps based on her naivite, perhaps with other motives.
Only a few weeks later a vote came to the house to comepensate victims and she, as all other Lib MPs did, voted against the victims.
It is time for Dr. Bennett to take early retirement with all the other hypocritical members of the Liberal government, who say one thing, do another, but always protect their personal interests, their power and positions.
I hope to see Peter Kent in Ottawa come Tuesday.

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