Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Gustav and New Orleans and Shipping News

Yesterday we posted on how CNN were puppy-like and peeing themselves in hopes that Gustav would wreak Katrina-quality havoc in NOLA and hopefully cause cancellation of the GOP Convention.
The subsequent lack of devastation in New Orleans, LA didn't cool their bombastic (and phony) commentary.
It brought me back to the Moving Picture "The Shipping News"
We wrote on this film a week or so ago.
In the picture Gordie Pinsent is asked by Kevin Spacey how to write news stories. Gordie said, "See those black clouds over there? You can write that 'village is threatened by impending storm'."
Spacey says, "But what if the storm doesn't hit?"
"Well then you can write how village is spared from devastating storm."

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