Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cuba Lauded for Hurricane Response

All the world's do-gooders rush to applaud any marxist state that actually accomplishes anything.
Here's what the
Centre for International Policy (a useful idiot if there ever was one) says about Cuba & hurricanes:
Why is the Cuban model of disaster mitigation so successful? Can the United States learn something from Cuba? These are questions that the Center for International Policy (CIP), with the support of the Ford Foundation, is exploring. In 2007 CIP hosted a working conference for hurricane specialists from the United States and their Cuban counterparts to share expertise and exchange best practices for saving lives when natural phenomena strike, specifically hurricanes.
Now, here's some simple truths...
(a) Cuba really only has two functioning government departments- the Interior Ministry (which includes the secret police) and the Army. Cuba has been described by Cubans I know as "2 million people and 1 million police". Easy to mobilize people to relocate to higher ground when you have a billy club or a side arm (and when there are as many of you as there are of them).
(b) Cubans are used to being told what to do - they live in a police state.
(c) Cubans have almost no personal possessions of value, so there's almost nothing to stay behind to protect.

But there are always people out there who will take advantage of any opportunity to twist facts to criticize America.

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