Saturday, September 20, 2008

Don't Believe a Single Thing Ellie May Says . . .

Globe & Mail
"Their economic platform is incredibly detailed, with all sorts of micro-managing issues on many, many fronts," says Sherry Cooper, chief economist at BMO Capital Markets. "They are calling for nothing less than a full-scale remodelling of the Canadian economy. They are anti-trade. They want food sufficiency on a regional basis, so I guess we will all have backyard vegetable gardens and never again eat pineapple or bananas. ... Instead of harnessing modernity and using our scientific know-how to find alternative fuel sources, the Greens want to take us back to life before electricity and the combustion engine."

"Her budget doesn't balance unless we massively increase our carbon emissions," points out Aldyen Donnelly, who's president of the Greenhouse Emissions Management Consortium. She also faults Ms. May on the facts. Every European country that introduced carbon taxes - including Germany, Sweden and Denmark - has suffered heavy losses of manufacturing jobs. As for Germany's green jobs, they're all subsidized by the government. "Carbon taxes have proven to be an economic death spiral," Ms. Donnelly says.

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