Friday, September 12, 2008

Koch Slapped Around on CNN inTectonic Shift

Better batten down your hatches and everything else that threatens to move around when the continents collide.
In another tectonic shift (as opposed to another green shift) Obamaniacs CNN blowed former NYC Mayor Ed Koch up real good. (video not available)
He explained how Super Sarah was plucky and perky and scared the heck out of him. Sounds like 80 year old fart's sexual fantasy to me. Sarah - Shewolf of the SS...
I'll give him a pass on the plucky and perky (though the plucky and perky CNN interviewer didn't).
He said she scared the heck out of him because she tried to ban books.
The CNNite explained that had been disputed and dispelled.
He wouldn't give up because the NY Times reported it and hasn't withdrawn it so it must be true.
She said again, that "we have dispelled that rumor", and he said, "listen I take my news from the top newspapers in the world". Not from some little cornpone TV network from some place that likely votes Republican.
Here's the NY Times story.
Here's the refutation that explains that the Librarian was girlfriend to the police chief and other political opponents and that Sarah inquired about what the library censorship policy was.
Far as I know, about the only library censorship going on these days is against skeptics of global warming.

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