Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Too Great A Comment Not to Post

Couldn't have said it better myself - Thanks Anon...
The Brenda Martin story has consumed many hours in the past few months of our government's time and the taxpayer's money that goes with it. The saga has a very sad tinge to it and nobody but nobody would want or wish to be in Brenda Martin's shoes.
However this is no excuse to provide anyone with an opportunity to lay blame where it doesn't belong or to accuse career people of not doing their job.
Dan McTeague, who has chosen to ride this story for partisan reasons, has the temerity and gall on the program Mike Duffy Live to blame Stephen Harper and the government for the fact that Brenda Martin was found guilty by a Mexican judge.
Members of the Canadian consular staff were accused by Brenda Martin and her supporters of doing nothing on her behalf, although officials had said, over a hundred interventions had been made by staff in regards to her case. McTeague chose not to inform himself of what was done but rather slammed the staff for inaction . When it was leaked of some of the efforts and work done on behalf of Martin by consular staff, which validated their declaration, McTeague's response was that an investigation and law suit should be launched for this breach of Martin's privacy - trying to secure the truth and facts in the case were of no consquence but it was more important that open season could be conducted on the integrity and efforts of consular staff, without the opportunity to defend themselves.

Canadians also would like to know what McTeague and Martin supporters thought the Canadian government should do with a sovereign nation like Mexico, to secure the release of Brenda Martin, in spite of the fact that her case was winding itself through the judicial system and she was not being mistreated in the jail. Should Canada storm the Mexican jail and free Brenda Martin? Should the Canadian government bar the travel of the hundreds of thousands of Canadians to Mexico every year who enjoy the hospitality of the Mexican people and the Mexican government, and the protection of the Mexican judicicial system while they are there? Should the Canadian government have recalled the thousands of Canadians that work in Mexico to come back to Canada for their own protection because they are in serious and imminent danger and can not expect any help or assistance from a lazy and incompetent consular staff?
When, on behalf of Canadians, Prime Minister Harper dispatched Jason Kenney, the parliamentary secretary to the Prime Minister, to Mexico to meet with Mexican officials and Brenda Martin, one would have expected this effort would have been appreciated. However rather than being gracious, Charles Rusnell reports that "Ms. Martin's supporters ,including her mother, had slammed the trip as nothing more than a photo opportunity."

We have heard for the past several months that Martin's defenders, which include Dan McTeague, their ace in the hole in Martin's defense was an affidavit from her former boss Alyn Waage, a convicted felon, swindler and con artist that she was innocent - what would give anyone reason to believe anything he would say and what defense lawyer worth his salt would put this crook in the witness box to help bolster his case.

Claire Hoy offers some sober and illuminating thought to this bizarre case when he wrote
"Yet we as Canadians, or at least many of us - along with most of the media - have recently adopted the position that if a Canadian is in jail outside the country there's automatically an injustice being done - to the Canadian.
Apparently, Canadians are all innocent as the driven snow and no foreign country really has a right to exercise their justice system against us. And, when they do, we tend to paint them as corrupt Third World despots."

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