Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lore Weaver Wins Find That Political Party as a Group of Animals Contest

Yes, Lore Weaver of The Atheist Conservative correctly noticed that:
The Green Party, like Magpies, should be identified as 'a tittering, tiding or gulp' of Green Party Members.
She barely beat out our friend Reid of "Right from Alberta" who correctly noticed that like guinea fowl, NDPers should be identified as a 'confusion' of NDPers', and anonymous who was correct that, like curs, a collection of Liberals might be identified as a 'cowardice of Liberals'.
Lore won out by finding an accidental, unplanned connection in that, like elephants, members of the Rhino party might be identified as a "crash of Rhinos".
Lore is entitled now for a link to a rant of her choice (with a synopsis) on the top left of CBL for one month. The prizes by visiting this blog never end.
More info on the contest and the winners can be found here.
Thanks to all for participating, I encourage all to visit CBL for a last chance at the poll, "what kind of knob is David Miller".
Now THIS is why I blog.

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