Monday, April 28, 2008


Just suppose, ya got two great ,well-balanced, successful kids.
Suppose one is keen in participating in an exchange program - trade places with a kid of the same age from somewhere in Quebec.
Great chance to learn how the other half lives, learn our other official language, and try and survive with strangers.
What a great program - think about it!
You're a teenager and you get a chance to live an entirely different life for a couple of months.

And then, the folks go through the counsellor interview.
Police report? No problem unless parking tickets are a deal-killer.
But then, "How would you deal with a child with different religious beliefs?"
"What would you do if the child had different dietary requirements such as Halal?"
--- Now exactly who is the subject of re-education here.
(Blessings to my K for dealing realistically with this).

And suppose that the younger was presented with the "pretend an egg is a baby" challenge. Try not to break it for a month.
But what if a child in the school has an "egg allergy"
Well, simple give them all a bag of salt (now how are they supposed to break that?)

Its an idiocy on top of a fallacy on top of a stupidity...

Is a bag of salt supposed to equal an egg equalling a baby?
Are 10 year old boys all of a sudden supposed to have new sentimentality toward babies? more appreciation for single parents? more respect for salt? Dont teachers have anything better to do?

Once the bag of salt breaks (as it surely will in the hands of 11 year old boys).
Is this saltslaughter?
Will the boys be forced to take sensitivity education?

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