Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bio-Fools Too Simplistic

Wanna talk simplistic? Talk Margot McDermaid tonite on Newman...
Sorry, I broke down and have the gaunt grey man on - tired of Obama/Billary sludge match.
According to Margot, and from her according to "experts" it's too simplistic to blame biofuels on the increasing food costs in the third world...
How stupid and simple minded does she think we are?
According to them, those experts, food prices in the third world are due to higher fuel prices...
And Global Warming is a major factor.
Like Fillipino rice farmers ship their rice thousands of miles by tractor trailor and because it's so effin hot they cool their shacks with air conditioning using diesel generators.
These fools are so simple they don't recognize their own contradictions.

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