Thursday, December 13, 2007

More Big Fat Lying Liar Al Gore Lies

Key Points
The title of Al Gore's latest book, The Assault on Reason, says it all. Illogicalities, non sequiturs, false analogies, fallacies, ad hominem (or rather ad Exxoninem) arguments all tumble forth in profusion from its pages.

... according to Mr. Gore, the president is intent on using the war against terror as an excuse to overturn the U.S. Constitution and set up a corporate plutocracy as part of a plot to achieve world "domination"

...Abu Ghraib, whose horrors increase with the length of the book. (On page 150, 90% of its inmates are declared to be innocent. By page 208, that figure has grown to 99%)

... democracy has been subverted by the decline of the printed word . . . and the rise of television, a "one-way" medium that is controlled by evil corporations in league with a Bush White House. ... However, a newspaper seems pretty "one-way." As does -- come to think about it -- a book. Sure, you can scribble "BS!" in the margins, but you soon run out of lead with a book like this. . . .
presumably, you would never find Al Gore getting on, say, Jon Stewart or David Letterman. And you'd never find the publishing subsidiary of a giant corporation (say, Penguin) from publishing a book by him
But what makes them really sinister is that they have the insights of professional media manipulators at their disposal. So, let's say they were to publish a book by a guy whose physique now resembles that of Orson Welles or Marlon Brando in their latter years, they'd print a much younger and slimmer picture on the dust jacket, making him look like Superman in civvies. The manipulation! But I digress ?

The most stunning -- and frightening -- aspect of Gore's bipolar book is that he constantly calls for more discussion and public input, but when it comes to his obsession, man-made climate change, he declares the debate closed.

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