Sunday, December 30, 2007

Savage Reveals Agenda of CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations)

Great Find by and Hat Tip to our friend "Just Right"

47. CAIR filed a frivolous lawsuit filed against American Citizens who alerted security when they observed six Muslim Imams boarding US Airways Flight 300 in Minneapolis, Minnesota on November 20, 2006. The Imams deliberately acted as if they were terrorists in order to create an incident. The lawsuit by CAIR was intended, among other things, to intimidate American citizens so that they would be afraid to report terrorist activities when they observed them. To protect Americans from such tactics, Congress passed legislation to protect reporting citizens.

48. CAIR launched a public act of misinformation against Dr. Laura Schlessinger when she criticized the taking of school children to a Mosque to learn morals. Such a field trip likely violated the separation of church and state and Dr. Schlessinger's comments were protected by the First Amendment. Despite this, CAIR sought to sanction Dr. Schlessinger for her comments.

49. In August 2005, CAIR pressured ABC radio to terminate radio talk show host Michael Graham for criticizing terrorism and Islam. The did this by making threats of economic harm against ABC.

50. Threatened legal action against Young America's Foundation to stop them from allowing a speaker critical of CAIR address their group. There was no legal basis for CAIR's position, it was a threat of economic extortion as YAF would be forced to expend funds to defend the frivolous lawsuit.

51. On March 31, 2004, CAIR sued Andrew Whitehead who operated the website This lawsuit alleged that Whitehead's articles showing CAIR's connection to Islamic terror were libelous. CAIR dropped the lawsuit when discovery requests were filed by Whitehead's attorney and the website continues to carry the same material.

52. CAIR sued North Carolina congressman, Cass Ballenger who called CAIR "the fund-raising arm for Hezbollah" and raised the possibility that it would try to blow up the Capitol Building. CAIR responded with a $2 million defamation suit. This lawsuit was dismissed by U.S. District Judge Richard Leon. Apr. 11, 2006 update: A three-judge federal appeals court panel in Washington (made up of David Sentelle, Judith Rogers, and Thomas Griffith) ruled unanimously to uphold Judge Leon's March 2005 decision to dismiss CAIR's case. Arsalan Iftikhar, CAIR's director of legal affairs, had described the purpose of the lawsuit as follows: "With this lawsuit, we are sending a clear message to all those who make malicious and defamatory statements against American Muslims or their institutions that they will be held accountable in a court of law.

53. CAIR again targeted American students when the attacked Sara Townsley a columnist with the Cornell Daily Sun a Cornell University student newspaper, who wrote an article on Oct. 19, 2004 "A Vote for Kerry is a Vote for the Enemy," in which she stated that CAIR officials "have defended suicide bombers, funneled money to Hamas, and at least five of its leaders have been deported, indicted, or convicted on terrorism charges." CAIR responded that same day with an accusatory letter ("Ms. Townsley uses regurgitated smears against CAIR from right-wing websites and noted Islamophobes such as Daniel Pipes and Steven Emerson") that also demanded the column's immediate removal, apologies for "these vicious attacks," and permission for CAIR to submit an oped. The CAIR letter also threatened that "If you elect to publish or distribute this confidential letter to any person or entity in any form; suit will be filed forthwith." Andy Guess, editor-in-chief of the Cornell Daily Sun, responded on Oct. 25 by denying any infraction and offering CAIR just a letter-to-the-editor for its response. On Oct. 26, CAIR responded that its "mentioning a possibly impending lawsuit is not merely a hollow gesture on our part".

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