Thursday, December 20, 2007

More on Dion's Norway Slip

If all of us do no more than reveal to whatever audience we have of the lies spread by those who make their living and derive their power by scaring the bejeezus out of the people with false tales of the end of the world, then our blogs are worthwhile.

News from Norway
Norway's emission of greenhouse gases increased by nine percent from 1990-2003 and the nation is not on course to meet the environmental obligations laid out by the Kyoto agreement.
The new figures stem from the United Nations climate convention and were presented by Statistics Norway (SSB) on Wednesday.
Emission increases continued in 2004 with Norway discharging 11 percent more greenhouse gases compared to 1990 levels. The Kyoto agreement demands that countries reduce their emission levels by 2008-2012.
Norway's increase is mainly due to a 77 percent increase in emission from the oil and gas sector, and pollution from road traffic, up 34 percent in this period.
Sweden is the only Nordic nation to manage an emission reduction in the period 1990-2003, and based on 2003 figures, the UK, France, Greece and some Eastern European nations are on course to meet Kyoto requirements.
Courtesy of a CBL Reader

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