Monday, December 31, 2007

No Democratic Epiphany on the Road to Des Moines

One would think that with 7 complete years of hammering away at the Presidency of GW Bush, that the Democratic Party would be able to come up with someone who could be perceived as a capable, competent and charismatic candidate to be President of the United States. But Nooooooo.

Burt Prelutsky gets it right:
I honestly don’t understand why liberals are always so anxious to settle for the likes of Obama, Edwards, Clinton and Gore. After all, what do they offer us? John Edwards has pretty much promised that no working man will ever lose his job. All that means is that 25 million of us will be flipping burgers if he’s elected. Obama has vowed to bring us all together, although he hasn’t explained how he’ll pull off that trick, seeing how far apart we are when it comes to abortion, capital punishment, the war in Iraq, same-sex marriage, raising taxes, gun ownership, Iran’s nuclear plans, school vouchers, the Palestinians, Supreme Court appointments, Islamic terrorism and whether Brad Pitt was right to leave Jennifer for Angelina.

For her part, Hillary offers us universal health care, a chicken in every pot and four more years of Bill back in the White House chasing chicks.

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