Sunday, October 08, 2017

Liberal Pervert gets slap on wrist.

Imagine if a Conservative Did this...

Liberals help liberals. Almost all judges in North America are Liberals.
The crimes of their friends aren't really crimes, they're just little mistakes, that should be forgiven.
Destroying the lives of young children is not THAT serious.


2 YEARS....


Anonymous said...

Socynical says...

From the TO Sun.. "In its reasons for denying full parole in at that time,(Aug 2016)the (parole) board expressed “concern” over Levin’s “lack of understanding or insight into the true victims of your offending.” And further "...that the children in the pornographic images you viewed and shared are the true victims of your offending. That they have been abused sexually, mentally and physically and will bear lifelong scars of this abuse inflicted on them for the sole gratification of people such as yourself.”

And yet these same people who expressed so much concern deemed him a low risk and granted day parole because his lawyer managed to read a letter of remorse with a straight face.


Anyone who derives pleasure from the torture and exploitation of children does not deserve to walk freely in society. Period.

dmorris said...

Ah,Clayton Ruby's name pops up again. Does he defend every despicable person arrested in Canada,or does it just seem that way?

As one of Canada's most high profile lawyers,I imagine he is also one of the most expensive,so who,pray tell is paying the Bill for Levin?

I very much doubt he has that kind of money,but I suppose it's possible he works cheap for fellow liberals knowing the next one will pay full price.

Which country club did Levin serve his time in, you can bet it wasn't Dorchester.