Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Simple numbers prove that "consensus" that 97% of scientists believe in human-caused climate change is horsesh!t

30,000 scientists signed a petition that denied "the 97% consensus" that the effect of human activities will have a catastrophic effect on life on earth. The consensus was 97% bogus... the author only got his name and the page numbers correct.

3800+ Climate Scientists Deny Climate Scam
9000 PhDs that Deny Climate Scam
30,000+ Scientists sign petition that denies that humanity causes catastrophic climate change

For the 97% human caused climate change consensus to be valid relative to climate scientists, the alarmists would need to identify 127,000 Climate Scientists that support the consensus. Can the cartoonist "consensus" inventor, John Cook, come up with the names of the 127,000 climate scientists?

But, of course, there are not 127,000 climate scientists. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are only 11,000 Atmospheric Scientists in the entire USA. So 35% of these scientists have actually signed the petition that denies the climate scam - not 3%. So that dog don't hunt.

Since, he loses that simple ratio analysis, what about PhDs? There are 700,000 PhDs. Can he and his witless cohorts identify the 679,000 PhD's that support his nonsense?

And there are 90,000 Environmental Scientists in the USA... Can he name the 87,300 scientists who agree with him?

Of course not. They weren't even asked.

His study was not a survey of scientists... It was a survey of reports and studies, and he and his witless buddies decided if the studies indicated a belief in... climate change (not whether or not this climate change was caused by humans). So his entire study was biased and inaccurate from the beginning. Yet movie stars quote it all the time, so it must be true...


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The Margaret Zimmerman study in 2008 started out surveying 10,300 earth scientists, but only 3100 responded, but she applied filters to eliminate all but 79 of the 10,000 - all but a couple of who were selected because they AGREED with Zimmerman's belief in humans causing global warming... So 10300 down to 3100 down to 79 - 75 of which disagreed... so the results were really, that 75 out of 10,300 earth scientists agreed....