Saturday, October 31, 2015

The End is Nigh for Expensive, Useless Wind Power

I would tend to think they DO represent the entire industry...
A few "bad apples"... Might these "bad apples" be activists wanting to save the world?

Isabelle Adjahi, a spokeswoman for the company, said staffers responsible for preparing the Lisgar file were no longer employed with the company, which is now operating under a new name, WSP Global Inc.
“They’re just a few bad apples,” Risse said of the Genivar staff. 
“It doesn’t necessarily reflect the whole industry.” 
There is that little corruption thing...

There are hundreds of these across Ontario that will end up costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars without ever producing significant electricity.

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Bob Rae said...

I can tell you that the anger of Land owners in the Huron Bruce wind corridor has never subsided - those who were cheated or threatened or litigated against to get these bird-killing, scenery-destroying monsters erected on their property. The anger of Bruce county hydro workers cut out of the Douglas Point renewal plans is still there and has filtered into the small Bruce an Grey town councils.

I recently see that they are erecting a lot of these same monstrous white elephants in the Lincoln to Port Maitland corridor - once again on land used for dedicated agribusiness and NOT Residential,recreational or tourist zone property. Many residents in the area were against it but it was bulled through anyway.

With the pawn shop sale of Hydro One, there may be some financial data available to the public to allow law suits, but the real data needed to launch effective lawsuits is a closely guarded "proprietary" secret between the Ontario Hydro authority and the government's patrons in the wind energy industry.

I can se this house of cards falling with a change of government in Toronto - but remember the erased hard drives of the Wynn/MacGuity investigations - there will be midnight paper shredding and disc wiping parties in OHA and Wind energy consortiums the day this government falls.