Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Man Causes Blizzards, Floods and Droughts and Vaccines Cause Autism

"Q: Are there broader lessons here about how bad information can become so pervasive?
S.M.: There was a University of Michigan study a couple years ago where subjects were given a list of 20 statements about the flu vaccine, 10 of which they were told [were] true, 10 of which they were told were false. Ten minutes later they could identify which were true with a high degree of accuracy, but that went down precipitously with time. So the results would seem to indicate that merely hearing something, even in the context of hearing it isn't true, that concept gets introduced into your mental framework in a way that lends you to give that idea more credence. You can see this with all sorts of urban myths."

Science Magazine


Anonymous said...

I do know that without humans who are sentient you cannot have any disease that affects humans. as far as floods et al. not so much.

Eduardo Ferreyra said...

Mark Twain was a wise man. He warned us: "Cheating people is very easy. But it is very hard to convince someone that he has been cheated."

Frances said...

A large part of the problem is that the medical establishment will not recognize the havoc that severe reactions to vaccination have for the afflicted families. Went for a flu shot and had the standard "possible reactions" lecture. Pointed out that, should I contract guillain-barre syndrom, it would be 100% for myself and my family - forget the statistics. Health worker was not impressed.

Public health needs to own up to the reality that there will always be some children who - for whatever reason - have bad reactions and serious consequences. And they need to provide really good support and on-going care to the families of those affected. Otherwise, their statements have a hollow ring.

Anonymous said...

Kindly report your sources for this statement. Reliable peer reviewed studies that vaccines cause such issues