Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Who's Politicizing NASA Climate Data?

According to the Warm Mongerers, it's George Bush:
The confirmation of political interference is vindication for James Hansen, Nasa's chief climate scientist and one of the first to sound the alarm over global warming. Claims of political dallying surfaced when Hansen said he had been blocked from taking part in a National Public Radio interview in December 2005.

Steve MacIntyre proved different:
Steven McIntyre, a former mineral exploration executive and policy analyst for the governments of Ontario and Canada who blogs at, wrote to NASA on August 4. He had found miscalculations in the NASA’s U.S. temperature recordings made after January 2000. “For Detroit Lakes, Minnesota,” McIntyre wrote “this introduced an error of 0.8 deg C.”

(Of course, the Guardian report headline could have been "White House not involved in NASA Climate Change political interference." But tha wouldn't be news, would it.)

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