Friday, June 27, 2008

Celebrating Canada and Mandella Days

Ahhh, how wonderful.
The sun is hot, the wheat has rizz, does anyone know where Amy Winehouse is?
She's in a concert at Hyde Park.
I have written before how Nelson Mandela is one of my three life heroes (along with Ali and MLK) but I doubt very much that if he had a say in it this, he would have chosen a heroin addicted anorexic to be a star on a tribute to his 9oth birthday and a foundation to reduce AIDS in Africa.
But it's not about Nelson and it's not about alleviating AIDs (I thought Bill Clinton had cured this while his Veep was saving the world from a fever blister).
It's about sad imitations of talent getting one last chance to imitate their previous lives as rock stars - in one case such a pale imitation of Freddy Mercury that I thought I was watching a new "Rock Star - Queen" Reality Show.

Meanwhile we prepare to celebrate Canada Day - when we all get together to celebrate our independence from the USA; burn USA flags or hang them upside down. Sing America the beautiful backward. At our place we're having a neighborhood BBQ and burning a Bush effigy. You're all welcome.


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