Saturday, March 29, 2008

Response to Stageleft on Witless Environuts

Stagie has one of the best blogs anywhere, and I suspect his comments here are valid, but that he likely has an inkling of my mischief.
In the post I tease a ecodude for his despair at people not feeling sad for melting glaciers.
I don't feel sad at all. Fewer the glaciers the better, I think.
Because, I just don't need them to be happy.
And neither do 99.9% of the world's population, about 80% of which have one worry - survival of their contribution to the species; maybe getting a cup of rice for dinner.
It is pompous to the extreme for a teeny number of urban do-gooders to think that they have some divine right to preach to the world that their path to truth is the only way.
Sorta Mormonelderlike.
But my mischief is aimed at the inability of those in the WWF and the rest of the ecocult to have the faintest clue as to how the other 99.99999% think. How they make their pitch based upon images that are as remote to an average person as are the beasts of the Kalahari. (average African tribespeople excepted).
Images of polar bears on shrinking ice floes or Antarctic ice cubes shearing off (especially when the images are bogus or actually evidence of the opposite conclusion - of ice floes expanding and polar bears being over populated) lose the support of civilians (at least those that even pay notice).
They are speaking Swahili to the general public.
Small wonder that they're losing the debate.

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