Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Canadian Justice in Action

Sometimes I wonder what country I am living in . . .

A former Ontario police officer was sentenced this morning to six months in jail for contempt of court.

Perry Dunlop has repeatedly refused to testify before an inquiry into the investigation of an alleged pedophile ring in Cornwall, Ont., in the 1990s.
The Star Story

Perry Dunlop is not a bad person he tried to do the right thing and now look what happend he tried to stop a pedophile ring and now their telling him to testify and lie. I don't think so he did the right thing not to testify and now he is being out to shame for not doing the bad thing they wanted him to. I was there when they came to get him at his very own house. I am his very own neighbour! I am 100% toward him and his and his familie's freedom. I believe that Perry Dunlop is a very respectful and brave man and should not be put to shame personally.
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