Saturday, March 01, 2008

Global Warming Fraud Imposed on Wealthy World

A few weeks back I noted in my column that when times get tough, Americans will stop worrying about whether polar bears have enough ice and start asking whether those white, furry critters are edible. That comment caused quite a stir, and I would like to thank everyone, in particular the folks from Alaska, for the great recipes they forwarded—“Bear Claw Cordon Bleu” for instance.
Whole story here
Lorne Gunter gets a nice link.
In 1989 I was in a discussion group looking to organize something called "Metroworld" which was to be a conference of mayors and municipal leaders to save the world. A learned and wise colleague at the time said, "Environmentalism only interests people when times are good".
Sure enough, the economy went in the crapper and so did Metroworld.
The same guy said to always be skeptical of anyone who ever uses the phrase "planet" in reference to "the earth". It's a sure sign of an enviro lunatic.

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