Saturday, March 29, 2008

From the WWF (World Witless Feelgooders) - and 637 Facebookers

The hardest thing is convincing the majority that problems like global warming exist and are serious. He says it will take visibly melting glaciers to make them pay attention.
"Then they'll probably say, 'So what? We'll live without glaciers'," he says. Ottawa Sun

Finally the truth...
Fact is, who among us has ever even seen a glacier? Who has had their lives dramatically affected by a glacier? Why would we give a fig about glaciers, when we have fancy refrigerators that create for us all the ice we need?

It is difficult to read the papers today without breaking out laughing.

Meanwhile - Facebook - an online community with 50 million odd members - almost all of whom are in that 15 to 25 generation which are most assaulted by save the earth messages, has an Earth Day group.
It has 637 members

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