Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lomborg Response to Climate Crime Against Stupidity

My Point Form Summary of This
  • Oliver Tickell writes that a global warming causing a 4C temperature increase by the end of the century would be a "catastrophe" and the beginning of the "extinction" of the human race. This is simply silly.

  • Tickell tells us how the 80m sea-level rise would wipe out all the world's coastal infrastructure and much of the world's farmland – "undoubtedly" causing billions to die. But to cause billions to die, it would require the surge to occur within a single human lifespan. (Ed. how about in a single day? He assumes humans are too dumb to move inland when the water rises.)

  • benefits from global warming right now outweigh the costs (the benefit is about 0.25% of global GDP)

  • Global warming will continue to be a net benefit until about 2070, when the damages will begin to outweigh the benefits, reaching a total damage cost equivalent to about 3.5% of GDP by 2300.

  • the IPCC expects the average person on earth to be 1,700% richer by the end of this century.

  • Tickell finds that current climate efforts like Kyoto have been "miserable failures", which is true, but makes it seem rather odd that he thinks much-more-of-the-same will suddenly be great policy.
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