Sunday, August 17, 2008

Has the IPCC exaggerated adverse impact of Global Warming on human societies?

Yes, Certainly!
Let me explain: While reviewing the IPCC WGII (Working Group II) Chapter “Assessment of observed changes and responses in natural and managed systems” (Chpt.1, WGII IPCC, 2007) as an external reviewer, I felt time and time again that there were areas where the chapter authors highlighted adverse impact of GW (Global Warming) on human societies, while downplaying possible beneficial impacts.

The IPCC authors referred to several publications which projected adverse impacts while ignoring many excellent studies which have questioned these projections. Throughout the text of this important chapter of WGII, there were many instances where adverse impact was highlighted or exaggerated, while possible beneficial impacts were totally ignored.

Further, IPCC authors while assessing observed changes in natural systems chose to highlight only those changes which support the GW hypothesis while completely ignoring other observed changes which did not conform to the human-induced GW hypothesis and change. Such cherrypicking of observed climate change to bolster claims of human-caused GW and climate change is disingenuous and does not help understand the real cause of how andwhy the earth’s climate has changed in historical and geological times.

A detailed reading of the Chapter left me with an impression that the deleterious impact of GW on human societies was so imminent and overwhelming that unless something is done right away (to curb the warming), human societies world over are about to perish!

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