Friday, November 10, 2006

The End of the World as I Know It

Dems get elected, Al Qaeda claims victory.
Wandering through the streets of Toronto, and hearing that David Miller was a virtual lock to win as Mayor, and after thinking through what will likely happen in the Middle East with a real Nancy in charge of the House and the Dems running the Senate, I decided to give up and enjoy things while I can.
Toronto's traffic will be standing still, I will continue to get about $200 / month in tickets for parking in front of my own house, I will be getting even more nasty yellow notes from my garbage collector for desposing of more than 20km of wet waste and not following all the recycling rules, the bums will not hesitate to knock on my door to beg for money - it's their right (doncha know). Toronto will become more like Belgrade.
I'll steer clear of the subway, tall buildings and large collections of people because the islamofreaks will be bringing the war to us.
So, I'm gonna drink up and be merry.

Meanwhile, John Moore on CFRB is having a special celebrating veterans from WW2. Which is good. But then he slaps around all those who celebrate the attempts to do for Iraq and Afstan what we did for the French, Germans and Dutch, et al fifty odd years ago.
Ain't this finely hypcritical.

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