Monday, September 11, 2006

Aha - The Mount Saint Vincent Cartoon Conspiracy Revealed

Looks like pro-islamism and anti-Americanism is rampant at a Catholic university in Halifax...

Then - the Effect on Feb 8, 2006:
Saint Mary's University administrators have told philosophy professor Peter March to remove editorial caricatures depicting Islam's Prophet Muhammad from the front of his office door. March says he was making a point about freedom of expression after the infamous caricatures, originally published in a Danish newspaper, led to worldwide violence.

Today in The Star:
Prof. Reginald Stuart of Mount Saint Vincent University said Rice’s visit signifies the closer ties that Prime Minister Stephen Harper has fostered with the U.S. administration of President George W. Bush.

From CTV website on Feb 2, 2006
Randi Warne, a religious studies professor at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, said non-Muslims should try to empathize with the outrage Muslims feel.
"I think we should ask ourselves how people would feel in the West if pictures of Jesus were being drawn this way, committing heinous acts or in compromising positions," she told CTV Atlantic.
"I'm quite sure that there would be outrage all around the world."

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