Monday, September 18, 2006

Humans Have Become Grief Junkies

Looking at the Ceeb this morning I am reminded how shallow our species is and how much we wallow and try to make ourselves as individuals feel special.
Dawson College is festooned with flowers, crowded with sad looking kids trying to get in front of a camera to show how compassionate they are (or to complain against the authorities).
Reminds me of the millions (billions) who were in great pain after Diana, estranged wife of the heir to the realm but contemporary celebrity, got in a car with a drunk driver and died in a car accident.
Media loves grief. They, like their interviewees, wallow in it. It makes a great story.
Grief is individual. No person can share this with you unless they were in the same circle with the deceased.
Dropping flowers or teddy bears at a media appointed grief site, and mugging for the camera doesn't show how compassionate a person is, it shows how trivial they are.
And how much they want to be noticed.

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