Friday, April 07, 2006

Why Would the YWCA Produce a Childcare Report Anyway?

The YWCA, in their mission and vision, do not pretend to carry any responsibility whatsoever to offer benefit to children, unless they are girl children, to wit:
YWCA Toronto is an association of diverse and caring women dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls through dynamic leadership, advocacy, and a range of unique and essential services that promote personal growth and economic independence.
Through a holistic and partnership approach, the YWCA will expand its programs and services to meet the more complex array of emergency and long term community needs, significantly increase its financial resource base and be widely valued for its commitment to equity, access, safety and a just society and as a leader in advocacy and service to women and girls.

Not a mention of kids, except girl kids.

That being said why would they (a) be interested in childcare at all, and, (b) apply for $ from the Libs to fund a plan to create a national childcare program?
It's simple, silly. To provide benefits to their constituency, i.e. women. To make women's lives better, to allow them to be more politically active to gain more power for . . . women. (Not that there's anything wrong with women - half the people I love or like are women.)
The YWCA doesn't give a flying fig whether children benefit or not, so long as a program creates something like 400,000 new $50,000 jobs for... women. Their advocacy to get the employment fits within their mission, actually doing the best thing for children doesn't.

Their program is a 'supply' program, not a 'demand' program. They insist that a place be available for every child under 6 in Canada - from Tuk to Toronto and Vic to Joe Batts Arm. Whether the place is needed or not. Plus a national head office, and 'hubs' to manage the regional activities. They demand that a national education program be built for the care givers.

And they boast about the Quebec program, that provides spots for 1/5 of les enfants, and the Liberal program, that simply called for a transfer of cash which could only provide 4% of the money needed for the program the YWCA believe is necessary. And for them, the work that mothers do to raise their children in a loving way is of no value. Women who stay home to raise children are beneath contempt for the YWCA; they refer to subsidies for daycare as stigmatizing and state that when a woman's primary role is as a mother, then her child is more likely to suffer poverty and social exclusions. And they say that paying Moms to stay home is too expensive.

As far as costs go, to pay the bills for this program, every household in Canada would need to pony up $3,000 a year, whether there is a need or not! Yes, not the $1Billion a year that the Libs proposed, but $30 Billion a year? Or $15,000 a kid (assuming every kid under 6 takes a place). There might be a lotta educated$50k an annum child care technicians playing hearts if the YWCA gets their way.

Why not just take the $15k per kid and pay $15k to the Moms.
But I guess that wouldn't create jobs for all them other wimmin.

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