Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Charles Taylor to Make Bid for Liberal Leadership

Late Monday night from a jail cell, former Liberian dictator and war lord Charles Taylor announced he was seeking the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada, although he has never even been to Canada. "I have the necessary experience, and, as well I would need to make very minor changes to my monogrammed towels and personalized license plates (Lib One)."
Observers believe this is just a stunt to possibly provide Taylor a means of evading a jail sentence; no Liberal politician has ever had to serve time for a criminal offense, while others are not so sure. Said Liberal Party member, Earl Mudflat of Lower Shobagan, NS, "It's time for Canada to be ruled by a visible minority , and Mr. Taylor has this as well as being tough on crime."
There was no comment from party leadership hopeful, Michael Ignatieff, who in the past has supported torture as a necessary tool.

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