Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Hypocrisy of Seal Hunt Opponents

Got a chance to listen in on the CBC Noon call in show on the Seal Hunt over lunch. Of course, there were a number of callers who like seals they've never met a lot better than people they've never met. What struck me was how the whiners were those typical urban pissers and moaners who know what's good for Newfoundlanders, and for seals, almost certainly never having seen either close up.
There were three observations I made from listening to the pap spewed by one of these metrosexual, do-gooding, humanity hating creeps. They made me chuckle. Bitterly.
1/ That they feel its perfectly natural and necessary for them to dictate to people living in Northern Newfoundland how to live, while they vehemently protest, in huge numbers and with loud voices, when they fear that these hated small towners might try and restrict their liberties to do or say anything they want: kill their unborn babies, marry their same sex squash partner, or abrogate their parental responsibilities by having the government raise their children;
2/ That they don't mind having uninformed Americans stick their noses into Canadian affairs when they support their own uninformed opinions;
3/ These saps are likely also strong anti-poverty advocates. But to them the amount of money that sealers make is trivial (stated amount was $1200, real average is $5000) and does not warrant participating in the hunt. They are so distanced from real economic conditions in Canada that they are convinced that sealers can get other employment, or that $5k isn't very much. To a Northern Newfoundlander $5k feeds and clothes a family for a year. (They also shoot down the value of $1200 a year in child care not recognizing that this is a fortune for an average family in most rural areas.)
I despise these creeps. They are responsible for me becoming the cynic that I sometimes am.

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