Saturday, October 25, 2014

Movie: Voyage to the Bottom of Sanity: Climate Change from 1961

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
The new, state of the art nuclear 
submarine Seaview is on diving trials in the Arctic Ocean. The Seaview is designed and built by scientist and engineering genius Admiral Harriman Nelson (USN-Ret) (Walter Pidgeon). Captain Lee Crane (Robert Sterling) is the Seaview'sCommanding Officer. One of the on-board observers is Dr. Susan Hiller (Joan Fontaine), studying crew-related stress. The mission includes being out of radio contact for 96 hours while under the Arctic ice cap, but the ice begins to crack and melt, with boulder-size pieces crashing into the ocean around the submarine. Surfacing, they discover fire burning in the sky resulting in a world-threatening increase in heat all across the Earth. Bergan informs Nelson that the President wants him at a UN Emergency Scientific Meeting as soon as possible.

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