Saturday, October 11, 2014

CBC uses old Polish coal plant pic when talking about Canada's greenhouse gas emissions.

Media as political propaganda outlets....

In a study a few years back of CBC reporters not one.... zero.... voted Conservative.


Jen said...

CBC despises its own country to go thus far to humiliate her especially when PM Harper is at the helm.

Good Positive news of Canada under Harper is considered bad news for Canada. Luckily, we are seen and respected worldwide which infuriates the CBC.

Canada's GHG emission has decreased under Harper yet CBC prefers the Liberals' own high GHG emissions.
The GHG emission in CBC is by far the worst than Poland itself. The stench and the garbage that lingers at CBC surely creates a environment of filth.

Alain said...

You are right that it is pure propaganda parading as news. It is what one found in the old Soviet Union, China, North Korea and Cuba today. However I hold the present responsible for refusing to privatise the CBC that only a small minority of metro-sexuals watch.

bertie said...

The CBC is the most despised news broadcaster in the world.Why are we subsidizing it.We should be demanding of the Government that the CBC be sold .Put an end to this cesspool of lies and Liberal propaganda.