Sunday, August 13, 2006

Trudeau the Younger Shows Marxism While Praising Fidel

Sasha Trudeau has made a film praising the Palestinians while slamming Israelis, now he compares Castro to Mandela... Puhleeze...
He lives to learn and to put his knowledge in the service of the revolution. For Fidel, revolution is really a work of reason. In his view, revolution, when rigorously adopted, cannot fail to lead humanity towards ever greater justice, towards an ever more perfect social order. [...]
With the possible exception of Nelson Mandela, already well into retirement, Fidel is the last of the global patriarchs. Reason, revolution and virtue are becoming more and more distant and abstract concepts. We will perhaps never see another patriarch.
Who will rid us of these Trudeau poppinjays?
The difference, of course, is that Nelson spent 27 years in solitary confinement while Fidel has spent 47 imprisoning all of his people in an island prison, executing those who go too far, and starving the rest. Castro is a criminal of the highest order.
But maybe his reign describes what Canada would be like if Trudeau really had his way.

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