Wednesday, August 09, 2006

CBC Uses Professorial Buffoon to Comment on Afstan War

One would expect that the CBC would hire someone who knows something (anything) about the topic that they are asked to comment upon.
Today on the Afstan WAR, their talking dimwit wanted to know "Who are We At War With?", "What War Are We Fighting?", "What is The Mission?"
Idiot. Her CV follows.

We are fighting people who wish Afstan to remain a Taliban, fundamentalist, terrorist supporting shithole where women are killed by mullahs after they are raped, or raped because of a sexual misdeed of her brother, or are stoned to death becaus eof sexual preference.
We are at war to establish Afstan as a functioning democracy and we are doing this with a collection of other freedom loving countries who make up something called NATO.
The War will be over when there is a safe democracy, ruled by the people, and respecting all human rights.
What credentials in the following CV provide this moonbat the right to even comment on this war, (other than in a blog of course).
Elizabeth Trott is a full Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Ryerson University. She previously taught in the Department of Philosophy and the faculty of Education at the University of Toronto. Elizabeth Trott has written extensively about education, art and design, and Canadian Philosophy and culture. She was a Writer-Broadcaster for CBC radio and contributed in creating programs about justice, education and early Canadian philosophers. She was a founding member of the Canadian Society for Practical Ethics and served on the Executive 1985-1990.

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