Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Toronto Globe & Mail Publishes Tides Canada Propaganda as News

How lazy can a newspaper be and what is its credibility worth?

Tides Canada Division Called "Think Tank"


dmorris said...

I doubt the figures of the green energy people, and I also doubt that most of the green energy jobs are NOT taxpayer subsidized.

Greens/socialists have no problem with including a completely government subsidized job in their figures.

I simply don't believe them. The solar panels are built in China, so are the windmills, the installation takes a few weeks of work ,and maintenance employs very few. I know a guy who was the head electrician on a windmill farm installation, about 30 windmills. They were employed for about 6 months. The maintenance employs ONE apprentice full time,who monitors the farm,and calls in the electricians if he can't do the job himself.

So where are all the jobs coming from?

Anonymous said...

According to Levant, they included jobs related to Hydro Plants in the total for Green Energy.