Friday, September 26, 2014

The AGW PR Strategy from Hoggan Associates / Desmog Blog in 2007

From Ranting Stan

From DeSmog Blog Propaganda Manual...
What will really make people act? We also live in a culture in which celebrity rules supreme, and in which 44 per cent of the population is ‘outer-directed’. That is, they have esteem-driven needs, seeking success, recognition and status through acquiring and displaying the ‘right’ brands, fashionable lifestyles and other goods, services and experiences (Rose et al 2005). Cultural Dynamics’ work indicates that the outer-directed section of the UK population offers a ripe opportunity for climate-related behaviour change. People like this want to feel special, and are accustomed to achieving this feeling through what they do and what they buy, rather than what they do not do or do not buy.

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Lemon said...

I think somewhere I have the original document. If anyone wants it let me know. A lot of the content is on Stans Blog.