Sunday, January 18, 2009

Enviro-Nutters Change the Topic to Cope with Cold Weather

Anyone who went outside in the last 11 months has faced about the wettest and coldest weather they have ever seen. How many of us have written or said something like "pshaw, them Global Warming maniacs are nuts. How can they say we're getting hotter and dryer, when I'm freezing my ass off shoveling snow or putting in new drains!"

It looks like those AGW Windbags have noticed. So what did they do? They went and moved the cheese by changing the language. Check this graphic out:

Yup. Back before we had this frigid winter and wet summer the phrase Climate Change was used on the internet only a little more than Global Warming - 1.25 times more.
But, since they've been freezing in their birkenstocks, in the last year, the phrase "Climate Change" is used on the web almost 3 times as often as its toasty friend.
My point - if you can't win on facts, change the topic.
Instead of the planet burning, argue that it's burning and freezing.
Who you gonna believe, lunatic left wing idiots, or your lying eyes (and frozen fingers & toes)??

Meanwhile, here's what Elizabeth May has to say about telling lies...
(Credit: Christian Conservative)

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