Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Slow Down For a While

Like many of my brothers (and sisters) in arms (and legs), I started this blog to try and communicate my frustration with an incredibly corrupt and incompetent federal government.
A dozen years ago I was an avid Liberal - called, campaigned, raised money. I was a Trudeauite for God's sake.
But once I got inside the Chretien government and saw how he operated Canada like he would a cash business corner store, I crossed the river. He, his pseudo adopted son Jean Carle, Allan Rock, Volpe, McLellan, and yes Martin, and the rest of this bunch are so crooked that they'll be screwed into the ground when they die, not buried.
I don't think that anything I wrote had the slightest effect on the outcome of the election, except relieve me of the cost and pain of following around Paul Martin with a baggy, picking up and recycling his trash vocally on a stump in High Park.
We have a government I'm proud of now, one with convictions and beliefs and one that doesn't quiver at a negative headline, or try to fix everybody's wounds all at once. Or at least promise to.
I still have things to say but not as much, so I'm gonna focus on maybe one article a week on Federal issues.
We got a Mayor to topple in Toronto, so I'm gonna focus on http://torontobluelemons.blogspot.com
See you there.

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